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How we work

At CCE Associates we aim to design and build attractive, fast loading websites that are easy to use, easy to read and easy to access. When we design a site we take an holistic approach, ensuring that issues such as the use of valid code, search engine friendliness and accessibility are addressed along with design aesthetics.

We try to understand the client's needs, requirements and expectations for their website and work with them to develop a brief that is realistic and achievable. We work with the client to ensure that ownership of the brief and accountability for design delivery is clear. We aim to deliver what a client wants rather than what we think they should get, on time and on budget.

We prefer to design and build websites that use valid html and CSS coding and that are accessible to all web users - sometimes client needs compromise this aim! Web standards change over time and while we seek to keep abreast of developments we prefer to use tried and trusted methods rather than bleeding edge.

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What we do

We deliver client websites that are engaging, search engine friendly and quick to download.

We code all our sites using industry standard tools and where necessary call on associates to supply expert design assistance.

We supply websites that are easily user editable using the Perch Content Management System (CMS).

We advise clients on search engine submission, optimization and marketing before we even start to build a site; we develop a search engine strategy for the site that meets the needs and expectations of the client.

We work with clients to select keywords around which to optimize their site and ensure that the page content reflects the keywords in an appropriate fashion. We subscribe to a number of search engine resources to ensure we know the latest developments in search engine technology.

What we don't do...

We don't use preset templates, we build from scratch. The client gets a unique site design.

We don't do 'mystery meat' navigation, 'skip intro' groovy art for art's sake or bandwidth-eating slow-to-load world wide waiting. We keep it simple and easy to understand for the end-user. We want visitors to client websites to get their information quickly and easily.

We don't use dubious methods in search engine optimization and promotion; we don't use keyword-stuffing, link farms or submit to a zillion search engine services.

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